Celibacy wreath

“Celibacy wreath” is a complicated karmic problem when a woman cannot get married or even live with any man (the same problem a man may face).

Men (or women) may appear in their life for short periods, but quickly disappear without explanation.

Most often, the “celibathy wreath” is sent to halt the existence of the family line.

The fact is that modern quazi-magicians and quazi-fortuneteller consider any problem of men or women loneliness as “celibathy wreath”. They even don’t know and understand, that they are often confused with the “seal of eternal solitude”, spell of loneliness or spell to loneliness. How would they know (no book tells thereabout) that only professional magician as I can remove the real “celibathy wreath”!


Unhappy in personal life

Perhaps you met in your life women deeply unhappy in personal life. It’s even hard to understand the reason; seemingly she’s beautiful, smart, housewifely, with a sense of humour, but has no family. Usually, such a woman cannot find her man, cannot get married. Men may briefly appear in her life, disappearing at the same pace. She cannot build serious relationship with anyone. As only something real start to glimmer, it does immediately inexplicably breaches. And once again she is alone. What is the reason? Is it celibathy wreath?

Often men do not even notice such a woman, they seem to look through her, that’s why traditionally she has not relationship at all, neither serious, nor non-serious, neither permanent, nor temporary.

If she is of active nature, some love relationship can be tied, but in these cases people simply cannot converge closer. This leads to a series of relations with the same unhappy-end, and even in case of the most beautiful relationships people do not come to the marriage, or at least to the stage of cohabitation.

Unfortunately, such a “worse fate” does exist, and it may accurately called as the “celibathy wreath”. This term we apply in cases where the problem is caused by some negative programs, impacts, energy and etc. In such cases, we can help effectively.

Of course, there exist also purely psychological causes of personal life problems. That is already not our area of ​​activity. That is not our tasks. However, even in such cases we can find some solutions for you.

What should do a person who has got problems in personal life? No one knows initially the reasons of that! We give a simple piece of advice: if you have got personal life problems for a longer period of time, if you have faces repeated negative situations in this area, you should check yourself with specialists of our range. Of course, it is better to avoid such of them who is ready to tell to every customer something like “You’ve been spoiled. We will simply remove it and all everything is going well”. Firstly, the almost every person is spoiled as well as everyone has germs and viruses. The thing is in its strength and in whether it intervenes someone’s life. Secondly, even one has got a “spell” that does not constitute the fact it is the root of all evil. Life shows us wide range of circumstances…

We face the celibathy wreath in our work quite often. And it does not cause any particular emotions. That is standard problem. It is not particularly different from the others. Tabloids make their best efforts to scare people by publishing the horror stories about such a diagnosis. But in fact that is not so sad, as they say. This is not a fatal diagnosis. Moreover, that’s not a final sentence. CELIBATHY WREATH can be always removed! Sometimes it is easier, sometimes it’s more difficult. BUT IT IS ALMOUST REMOVABLE!

If you pave problems in your love life, if you think that you’ve got have something similar to the celibathy wreath, you should not waste your time, ‘cause any negative program is strengthened over time. Write us, and after performing our work we will either reassure you that there is no “wreath” on you, or will please you with the fact that there has been some negative interfering program, impact or energy, but now they all are in the past.


Celibathy wreath in media

Oh, this eternal problem with the definitions… Some people understand the celibathy wreath (hereafter we will often use the word wreath or CB) as something completely different than others. In general, it’s understandable, since there is very small number of terms common for our field (if any at all). But sometimes this causes extremely weird confusion boggling minds. If you run a search on the internet on this phrase, you probably will be surprised by a variety of completely different opinions and puzzled by the huge amount of controversies.

Some believe that the CW is a “karmic problem of immense complexity” i.e., that person is already born with it. It is a very controversial opinion. It turns out that no wreath can be “sent” on anyone during the life. Still we’ve seen a lot of examples of the contrary.

For the same reason we do not understand frequently met opinion that “it’s incredibly difficult to cope with the celibathy wreath”. Maybe, the author of that opinion faces difficulties with CW, but why he needs to mislead people?! Even if to think logically, removal of the celibathy wreath cannot be harder than removal of the ancestral curse or death witchcraft.

Fourth ones are trying in dead earnest to distinguish some in their opinion “real wreath”, “seal of eternal solitude”, the “curse of loneliness”, etc.. It is possible that such an attempt of “correct” classification is a fascinating pastime for its authors, but it is absolutely unclear how it can be useful for ordinary man, not possessing the gift to see the Energy and impact. Let’s give an analogy: for most people that is enough to have basic information on the cold, namely how to protect one from it and how to treat it, and very few people are really interested into getting into deep jungle of scientific classification. Well, if someone likes to come up with names for everything and all, it’s his/her private matter.

The fifth believe that the reason for the celibathy wreath are the “pollution of the second and the fourth chakras”. We consider this matter also to be disputable, at least because negative program sent on the man hardly may impact by “chakras pollution”.

Here is another interesting opinion: “Celibathy wreath means the absolute impossibility of women to experience sexual excitement. Consequently, such woman is not only unable to get married, have a baby, but even have any romantic relations with the other sex, she even did not accept man as the man. There is no gender distinction for her. Sex and everything related to sex are out of her focus area. Most women with a celibathy wreath are so obsessed with other concerns that they in no way perceive their inferiority”. Well, it is quite persuading, it inspires. Still, there is only a hitch: if it was just the way it is written, than no one would have asked for help in removing the wreath, and nobody would have been worried because of its possible presence. Since, according to that theory women are not interested in either the family, or in the men, and that they would not treat their absence as a serious problem.

And here’s another: “celibathy wreath is one of the most terrible curses. Since the immemorial times all the peoples practised to send the curses to destroy the family line. No marriage, no children, and therefore, the family line disappears”. It’s a not bad horror story to frighten people. But how this amazing statement is consistent with those cases, when grandmother and mother had celibathy wreath, they were unhappy in personal life, but gave birth to a child outside of marriage for themselves, and not with a loved man?

We even met attempts to “monopolize” the work with the CW: “If you are alone and suspect that you have a “celibathy wreath”, “you should know that all fixable, but only if you apply to the right specialist: not to a fortune-teller or a sorcerer, but to the professional astrologer. Only the astrologer can develop for you the algorithm of getting marriage”. With all due respect to astrology, we cannot agree to such a strange saying. If the person has such problem as birth or karmic program of celibacy, meaning that person has come to life with it, so that astrology would hardly have something to do with this.

Thus, there are lot of opinions and they are very different. That does not mean that the authors of the above quotes make elementary mistakes. The thing is that each of them considers has the lapsided vision of the CW, and only that one side is discussed. As a result, the opinion is expressed with regard to some particular cases of the wreath. If now we start to classify the “celibathy wreath” by ways and methods of its “sending”, by Forces used for this, by the expressions visible for experts, by ultimate goals of the impact and its real manifestation in one’s life, than we will also get plenty of different types of CW, so that we will be lost in jungle of classification. But is it really necessary to do so? Who will be interested in it, and, what is more important, who will benefit from it?

We believe that there is no practical sense to try giving a strict definition of “celibathy wreath” on the basis of a complex pseudo-scientific classification. The vast majority of people simply do not need it. So let’s agree to use a simple and understandable definition, even if it is not ideal in terms of deep analysis.

By “celibathy wreath” we will consider the negative impacts, programs, energy, effectively blocking normal relations with the opposite sex and creating a happy family”.

But sometimes it happens differently. For example, the same effect may have spell, that a woman once did or ordered. Now she’s paying the price for the committed. That can be also effect of a working generic program. Or that can be side-effect of “spoilage” sent for the person for some other reason. All these can give the same effect as a “real” celibathy wreath. Here is one example:

Case study. A woman cannot start a family. Quite the contrary, she even does not have any relations with men, not even a flirt. It seems that men don’t notice her, they do not show any interest in her as a woman. Let’s try to understand. At the diagnosis session it is revealed that the reason was a jokingly wedding, which the woman and her lover undergone many years ago. It was not in the church, and without witnesses, but it was very serious, beautiful and solemn. They even exchanged rings… Seemingly innocent youthful fun turned on a program that woman is “busy”, and that was read by all other men. The most interesting is that the informational image of the half-jokingly ring remained on the woman’s finger. So we had to remove a ring and a program set by herself.

Well, and where there is a celibathy wreath? Nowhere. But the manifestations were the same…


Celibathy wreath is not always the cause 

Except for energy and informational reasons, in other words, negative impacts and programs, there are very different reasons for the failures in personal life. They are purely human and therefore understandable.

We already know that most problems we cause by ourselves, and not by someone else’s negative impact. “spell”, “evil eye” and other nasties can be found in almost everyone, but they are not necessarily intensive and dangerous. Still, everyone has viruses and bacteria, but that people somehow cope with them! Here is the same, fortunately, by no means all face external negative impact, seriously affecting the events. This is evidenced by our entire experience, including from factor analysis to diagnostic sessions.

Nevertheless, for many people it is much easier to blame some “worse fate” for being the root of all problems, than to change himself. Even in friendly conversation it is sometimes easier to say “may be you’ve got the celibathy wreath” instead of honest “that’s your fault, change yourself”. Perhaps, because of this someone gets wrong impression that there are so many negative influences around, that as only they will be removed, so the next day happy life starts. But it is not always the case. Most problems of the personal life have nothing to do with the presence of the celibathy wreath on a person.

Case study. We were attended by the woman who cannot start a family. At diagnosis we did not find any negative programs that could have created this situation. But the Guardian Angel suggests that the client has a clear psychological setting: “all our men are drunkards, loafers and libertines”, therefore only foreigners are acceptable. Well, let it be the foreigner, and so we start to form the events. This gave a quick result, and now the woman is going to Prague for a rendezvous in a neutral territory. But the woman before the personal acquaintance managed to send to virtually known man (please note, the German), the invoice for payment of the flight. Knowing the German mentality it is easy to understand that the rendezvous failed. We continued to work on the circumstances development. After a while another contender has appeared, and soon the lady flew him to Germany for the first meeting. The German brought her home, where she met his lovely parents, with whom he lived in a sturdy and solid building built at his money. It is difficult to say how it got into the head of our client on the first night to discuss with this man how happy they will live together in this wonderful house and where it is better to accommodate his parents. You can imagine the consequences. So, where there is the guilt of the celibathy wreath?

Let’s imagine another situation. The girl, who barely graduated from high school and with difficulty worked as a salesman in a scrubby kiosk, firmly decided to marry only an oligarch. Moreover, she required from him to be intelligent, handsome, toll and incredibly in love with hers. Years were passing by, but no one oligarch on a white horse never reached her kiosk. Then the girl convinces herself that that is the celibathy wreath the reason of the failure, and that in other circumstances her life would have evolved quite differently. And she will run to remove the wreath. With no result. She will run to another specialist. And again with no result. Then to the third… And as you understand she had no wreath.

Many women are too demanding, they want only the prince on a white horse. It is only many years later they realize that there is deficit of princes, while normal men, and even shabby men are already engaged by more realistic opponents. Other women are too shy and, therefore, miss their fate; others are too concerned about the welfare of others and give way to the beloved man for her not so pretty friend; the fourth suffer from a low self-esteem and as a result of that men find them not-attractive. This list may be non-exhaustive. But even with these examples it is clear that much more likely that the problems in personal life are caused by anything except for “negative energy and informational impact”, i.e., the celibathy wreath.

We’re not going to take away bread from professional psychologists and discuss all the possible psychological causes of creating problems for themselves. Still it we will demonstrate another important example. Very often personal problems are caused by the “help” of close friends and relatives.


Don’t wash an apple before a meal

The fact that the personal life problems are not necessarily caused by negative, does not mean that the celibathy wreath does not exist at all. Unfortunately, many books and websites sin with this. After quite logical discussion of the effect of psychological and behavioural attitudes to relationships with others very often there is formulated the cheerful conclusion: “all this kinds of “celibathy wreaths” work only because of our own fear. Get rid of your fear and you get rid of the alleged wreath”. Or even more categorical: “according to psychologists such phenomena as the “celibathy wreath” does not and cannot exist”.

It’s quite difficult not to give the sarcastic response: “Yeah, of course, and God also does not exist, because none of the respected psychologists have ever seen Him”. Please agree, that if one admits existence of God as a kind of invisible Forces, than he must admit the possibility of existence of invisible Energies and influences. How then one dare so confidently to reject the vast World just because he is not personally able to see at least its edge?

We have already compared figuratively negative being in the person with a microbes and viruses. Those, who absolutely does not want to even admit the possibility of the existence of the celibathy wreath, limiting with exclusively psychological explanations, are alike a medieval doctor, stubbornly denying the existence of microbes. “Microbes are not visible, thus they do exist” – that’s his position. And if there are not microbes, it makes no sense to wash apples before meal.

We consider it more correctly to use a different approach: it is quite improbable, that there are dangerous microbes on this apple. But it would be preferable in any case to wash the fruit. It’s better to secure yourself than to catch dysentery.

The same is with the celibathy wreath. That’s not the fact that the problems with a person’s private life are caused by the celibathy wreath. But that will be more advisable in any case to be checked with the good specialist. It is better to be yourself than to spoil all your life.