Evil eye or spell

Это негативное воздействие на ауру человека. Порча наводится на жертву при помощи определенного ритуала. Что же касается сглаза — то он, как правило, является воздействием под влиянием негативной энергетики, которая возникает в результате ненависти, зависти или ревности.


Divorce, infertility, financial setbacks, failed plans…

Think about it, maybe someone envied and the intentionally put an evil eye or spell on you.

Evil eye or spell fill one’s life with negative energy. If you know or if you suspect that you suffer from a spell, do not waste your time – remove it. It can cause irreparable damage to your life and bring huge losses. In this case the urgency is a value, because you need to protect everything you love and appreciate.

My unique method of removing the evil eye and spell through pouring wax in the holy water and strengthening it by reading special strong magical plot, will completely cleanse you aura both at the personal visit and using the photo.

Afterwards, I recommend to put lifelong protection talisman Protection having greater power and energy of 12 masters of magic; it is made personally for one’s name and his date of birth. It ensures lifelong influence and protection from any adverse effects!

Usually after reading on wax and putting a strong defence, one sees how his life is changing to positive.

I’ve received lot of thanks from customers after this ritual. You are welcomed to read them in the “Comments” section.


Curses constitute one of the most dangerous negative effects. They affect very seriously, especially if made before death or being in very emotional condition.

Maternal curse has especially great strength. Very often the curse affects not only certain individual, but also all his family. So, you shall follow your own words. Prior to the beginning of the last century, people understood the nature of curse they never used the words lightly. But later due to universal atheism and lack of belief to “invisible” understanding has practically disappeared.

Case study. Woman L., 43 years, has got serious problem as before premortal ancestral curse. In late 19th – early 20th century her grandmother, apparently landowner, ordered to lash a pregnant woman. She died, but before her death she cursed all the feminine line of that madam. Our client had a miscarriage and she has got terrible problems with breast. Similar problems followed the whole female line.

Case study. Man Z., 22 years old. We has detected strong ancestral curse. In the year of famine his ancestor attacked in the forest a woman who was taking home the products for her children. The woman, realizing that her children are now threatened by starvation, cursed the attacker.

Case study. Man K., 45 years old. Very serious problems with the spine. It has turned out that this was manifestation of the ancestral curse. His grandfather crashed one guy’s spine. He remained incapable forever and cursed that grandfather and all his family.

Case study. Young man M., 21 years old has got problems with walking and pulling the leg. He has undergone good doctors, chiropractors, healers… We have detected ancestral curse on the male line in the seventh generation. His ancestor plowed the field and injured his neighbour’s foot. That neighbour has got gangrene and he intensively suffered for very long time. While lying with the fever he cursed the offender and all his family. The curse sent by person being in such condition is very strong. The neighbour survived, but he left without the leg.

Perhaps, that’s enough examples. Somehow naturally all these where examples when the next generation suffer from the curse. But, of course, you understand that the first one who suffers from the curse is the person on which it is sent. It shall not necessarily effects immediately, but it will surely manifest itself. The worst is that with the pass of time ancestral curses significantly gaining strength.


You’ve definitely heard that ancestral curses effect up to the seventh generation. Most often, that’s how it works. But not everyone understands that we are not talking about that the eighth generation is not effected by curse, and that it can breathe freely. Everything is much simpler and terrifying, since eighth generation does not exist at all. The family line interrupts on the seventh one or even sometimes earlier.


“Spell” – real situations We will not try to tell you about the different types, objects and purposes of “spell”. Negative impact can be directed on anything: man, home, clothes, objects, animals, car and even on the terrain. Goals can be also of very different nature, starting from creation small troubles and up to someone`s death.

We consider it unnecessary to get into tedious examination of theoretical issues related to spell: types, kinds, strength, goals, methods, etc. We will only emphasize that any “spell” means the negative information and energy impact.  That is extremely important, that the “spell” is featured as informational impact. This is one of the reasons why so often visits to professionals give only temporary effect. Many specialists remove negative impact on the energy level, not being able to identify the Programs distortions and restore them. But this is not enough. This is clear analogy with a computer virus. You perfectly know that there is not enough to find the computer virus itself and remove it. You shall still recover the files with infected by virus.

At this point let’s complete the review of the theory and move on to the practice. Below we present a lot of cases from our rich experience, giving enough understanding of ​​the immense variety of purposes of negative impacts and their results. A large number of similar examples are also demonstrated in the chapters “Cases”, “Karma”, “Helping Your Business”. Of course, in all cases the identified negative impacts have been effectively removed, even if we do not articulate that in each case to avoid repetitions…

So, let’s go to real cases.

It is necessary to note that sometimes seemingly quite innocent actions performed without any purpose of causing harm, can also lead to a negative impact.

Case study. We were referred by a young man. He is only 23 years old, but for some reason he’s got serious problems with health. He’s felt lack of energy, dizziness, apathy. Doctors’ diagnosis was like the sentence: vegetative-vascular dystonia. But in closest past nothing meant trouble! What has happened?

We tried to embarrass from this. It turned out that three years ago, friends of this guy’s girlfriend decided to jokingly tell his fortune, since relevant books were at hand. Of, course, girls were not experts, did not take it seriously. And that had a result – absolutely inadvertently, even without realizing it, they opened a very bad energy channel of this young man, which led to health problems. It can be said, that it happened “an incidental spell”. But incidental nature of the spell did not help the guy, ‘cause in fact it worked as a “real” one. We must say that this guy has got obviously decreased stamina level to 52%, that’s why his own energy security has been broken so easily. For the reason of low stamina level the man has repeatedly fell under someone else’s negative impact; at the session, we have discovered that he had got 4 powerful evil eyes sent in the age of 2, 3, 15 and 17 years. Of course, the whole negative was removed and soon the guy felt again the forgotten feeling of health.

In the previous case, it had turned in a manner the girls definitely did not foresee. Actually there are really lots of situations when the effect touches not the person it is targeted.

We’ll continue with the case when one not too very smart woman has ruined life to her own son:

Case study. The woman applied to us bagging for help. 4 years ago she’s got married. Mother-in-law hated her even before the wedding, she did not want this marriage, but she gave up when the groom said to his mother that otherwise he’d commit a suicide. They’ve got married and their “cheerful” life began. Mother-in-law regularly provoked quarrels and scandals. She literally followed her son, constantly interfered the life of young couple. Moreover, she repeatedly went to the church and lightened the candles for the “dead” daughter-in-law (at the session we saw a client surrounded with plenty of ​​church candles, lightened for her death) and prayed for “quarrels”. The most startling event happened when the child was born. Mother-in-law came and took her son home, saying that “she gave birth to her son for herself and his child will grow up without his father”. His wife tried to fight, but she could do nothing, i.e., mother-in-law has repeatedly ordered strong “ties” to her son, while continuing to send “spell” on the daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law went to the black stripe, she’s got a lot of problems, especially health one. The husband became insane, and finally they had to divorce.

At the end the mother-in-law outsmarted herself. Repeated “spells” for the daughter-in-law, “quarrels” and “ties” resulted in heavy disorder in her son. He failed with everything: work and health. The man even had to leave for a disability. Now the mother-in-law can be happy: her son will be always with his mother, because he’s sick and unemployed, and he is no necessary for anyone…

We have removed the entire negative from the woman and set a targeted protection against her mother’s-in-law actions. After that, she has immediately succeeded in all her businesses.

It is not generally known, that negative impact can be transferred to the child, however, that does not mean further transfer on the line. That differs such cases from the classical ancestral problems.

Case study. We were visited by 40-year-old man A. He was steamed up. His first marriage ended with divorce. Now he’s got problems with the second one. A. had serious business, which he was made to share with his wife, whose head was obviously swooning of success. He’s got complete mess in the family. The man did not even ask why everything is going badly, he just wants to get the accurate advice of his Guardian Angel, whether he should divorce.

But we always insist on understanding of the causes of what is happening. It turned out that his mother twice was subject to spell with regard to her relationship with men at the age of 28 and 36 years. This resulted in problems in her personal life and several failed marriages. That program passed to our client, who was a child at that time…

Imagine what would have happened to this man, if we would have given him the correct advice without finding out the causes of the problems. In future he would constantly had problems in his personal life. And now, after the removal of all negative, he’s got a chance to start a happy family. His life foresees such an option, we have checked.

Case study. At the session with a young woman. She is 33, and she’s got problems in personal life as well as she cannot get a decent job. We have immediately revealed that her parents and home have been imposed with strong magic with cemetery rituals. This impact had been made in early childhood of our client and it has passed on her. We ask her of her parents. Indeed, they have got big problems: her father has got sores, and her mother has got the pain syndrome in the whole body.

In 10 years this effect would have to similarly undermine health of our client.

You may ask, why do people send the “evil eye” on the other person. There can be lots of reasons of very diverse nature. For example, because of offense.

Case study. At a session with a man O. He is already married for 3 years but he has got no children. His wife suffers from persistent inflammation processes at gynaecological organs, and while his sperm motility is 4 times lower than the reference values.

We’ve started to study the case and immediately have seen the reason. 5 years ago our client was dating with the woman, with whom he later decided to broke. Being resentment and jealous she has ordered a “spell” for his infertility. By the way, quite often we see, that a woman has been left alone because of her inability to get pregnant, orders for that man a “spell” on infertility.

Here we have more prosaic situation.

Case study. At the session, a 38-year-old man, director of the firm. He came to understand the causes of serious business problems, which he has recently faced and which are getting more and more amplifying. It tuned out that everything was banally simple. For a while he had close relationship with one of his employees. Later he was tired of this relations, and he has broken with this woman. From resentment she has ordered a witchcraft to reduce his luck. As a result the percentage of the businessman’s success was blocked from quite decent 62% to 46%, that was clearly insufficient for even the smallest business.

Of course, it is not always so, that those who order the “spell” for other person are absolutely innocent.

Case study. We are diagnosing a man. After the divorce he could not have built a relationship with women. As only something has begun to go into the right direction, everything immediately collapses. And so it has been permanently repeating. We have started to study the case. Currently the man had really in the period of time favourable for starting a new family, but negative impact prevented this. It turned out that in the first marriage his wife was unfaithful to him, and that was the reason for the divorce. Moreover, in that family our client has got a child. So, his former wife revenges to him for the fact that “he has left her”. As soon as she learns that men has got into some relationship (they lived in a small town and all is in view, she does immediately runs to the specialists and orders a “spell” for failure of the former husband in the relationship with women… As a result everything ruins. From time to time he even went on a binge. We had to remove from him all the negative impact and on the advice of the Guardian Angel in addition to usual powerful protection we have established additional targeted protection against all negative coming particularly from the ex-wife. After this the man’s life immediately changed for the better.

Here we’ve got another situation where the nasty things made simply out of envy.

Case study. At the session a man complained for fatigue and weakness. We started to study the case. It turned out that some time ago he dated a woman, they lived together and even bought the land together. When the relationship breached, the man went to another city, and the woman took the unusual actions. In addition to the negative impact sent due to the pure revenge, she has ordered on that man a “spell” effecting in a manner that the man could not be able to stay in this area and consequently could not claim for the land. Indeed, as only our client appears there, he’d immediately got pain, dizziness, weakness and he’d got an irresistible desire to go away as soon as possible.

Of course, a man at the same time can be affected by a number of different negative impacts, provided at different times, by different people and with different purposes.

Case study. A woman complains for failures in her personal life and health problems. It turned out that 15 years ago she was affected by a “spell” for break of the relations with her husband. The “spell” was ordered by the woman with whom the husband of our client dated some time ago (another example of use of magic for personal selfish purposes). However, mostly she suffered from the impact of witchcraft program on the female line purposed on failures in her personal life. Of course, these two negative programs have strengthened each other. Just for information we’ll mention that the cause of the generic program was a situation where a woman swiped the husband from the family. Woman left alone with two children ordered for the home wrecker strong witchcraft that was transferred further on the family line.

As you can see, the options of the “spells”, their reasons as well as the result of their use can be very different. Therefore, we do not see any practical sense to try in some way to organize all its diversity. After all, you have understood that the negative effects can be applied to any person, animal or object. And the expected effect of such influence depends only on the imagination of the one who “sends the spell”.

“Spell” is not a reason for panic

We would not like our information to be the reason for the appearance of your fear of the danger of “spell”. We’ve already discussed the issues of the correct attitude to the negative, but it will be surely useful to reiterate this matter.

The most important thing is to understand that for several reasons any “spell” in no case is a final sentence.

Firstly, the strength of the negative impact is highly dependent on the ability of the one who produces it. That is so obvious that it requires no special proof. You do know perfectly, that there is a big difference between the work of an experienced magician with great innate abilities and a teenager for the first time applying a witchcraft ritual being on the book purchased in the tube. In other words, if someone is trying to impose severe “spell” on you that is absolutely does not mean that it will effect in something stronger than the common cold. Of course, this does not apply to the real professionals. Of course it shall be noted that even completely inexperienced person sometimes is able to cause to another person or himself accidental troubles, using magical tips. 

Secondly, each person has its own energy security, and different people have very different degree of effectiveness. Someone’s defence is strong from birth. Someone constantly reinforces it, for example, practicing spiritual practices. It is clear, of course, that to break the protection of those called “holy elder” is almost impossible. But someone destroys his own defence by his thoughts and actions. By the way, the fear of possibility of negative effects constitutes a strong destroying factor.

There are many other reasons, due to which induced “spell” may not work at all or its manifestations may be much weaker than planned. Here is a simple example: there are no doubts that tens or even hundreds of thousands of people during the war were trying to hex Hitler to death. Millions of people cursed him, including the worst one – deathbed curses. But you may consider yourself, whether it was effective.


Since we have already touched the “death hex”, let’s talk about it. Sometimes we tell our clients that they have been subject to witchcraft made for death. Some of them wonder, ‘Why then am I still alive?’ That’s because of the same reasons, we’ve just discussed. The phrase “made to death” is not identical to the phrase “has been made to death”. I.e., the desire to cause death still does not mean that the planned will be realized. In this respect, the result of “death hex” often does not different from the effect of “health spell”, “luck spell”, although it brings trouble, it has no catastrophic outcomes.


We think that majority of people imagine what the evil eye is. Of course, everyone has his own imagination, but that does not constitute any problem. No one can claim to be absolutely right in his own beliefs in this area, and therefore differences in opinions are inevitable and normal. But we definitely need to equally understand the nature of what we are talking about.

Let’s try to agree what we will call “evil eye”. And here we face the complications. If you do try to remember cases, when someone undergone the evil eye, it is easy to notice the apparent dissimilarity of these examples.

Here let’s consider familiar to many cases pf “evil eye”:

one has unkindly looked at the other and that latter has got the problems.

a woman came to work in an expensive new thing. After that she’s got into troubles.

a man seemingly sincerely wished good luck and success, and afterwards all things got out of hand. Sometimes the same effect is incurred by the wishes of those who truly loves you!

a friendly woman admired the baby in the stroller and the baby seemed to have been replaced.

a person talked a few minutes with someone, and maybe even had quarrelled with him, and then began to feel ill.

— a person told to (boasted to?) surrounding people, that he plans to have a rest this summer in the Canary Islands. Then the trip fell down.

a person is successfully working on some complex project. Halfway to the end he told about this this to others, and soon he’s got some difficulties, fails, obstacles.

It turns out that the evil eye it’s quite a strange effect, with a range of unique features:

sometimes it requires verbal contact, and sometimes quite there is enough to glance or to think;

— it can work unconsciously, i.e., “not on purpose”

— it may work even against the will of the one who evil-eyed;

— it’s strange, but sometimes a person can evil-eye himself;

— it is often associated with negative emotions such as envy, but often it’s absolutely not connected;

— evil eye can be caused by both “bad people”, as well as by those who really loves you and wishes only good;

— seemingly it’s purely an energetic influence, but if to dig deeper it’s an informational impact too.

 It seems that under the word “evil eye” people unify several completely different types of impact. But it should not confuse us. After all, they all have one thing in common – these negative effects are sent without the desire of the person to do it.

Some will argue that this definition is imperfect, because there are many cases when a person knows that he has the evil eye and deliberately uses it. The most common examples are gypsy women capable to revenge a person denying their molestations. It’s quite understandable objection, but upon our previous arrangements we do call all deliberately induced negative as spell. Thus, this example with gypsies we will consider as spell. We know, that our interpretation is not the ideal, but we really do not particularly concern about it.

Despite our balanced attitude to differences in wordings, we still want to comment on some statements of certain specialists who can mislead people.

For example, according to one of the opinions it is believed that “a person, possessing the ability to transfer negative energy to others using the sight, looks at the other person (the recipient) and the flow of energy gets a vector ending just at the recipient. If to be precise — on his eyes, a prerequisite is that their eyes shall meet”. Here we must object, otherwise someone will sincerely believe that the surest way to avoid the evil’s eye is not to look in anyone’s eyes. Unfortunately, things are not so simple. How then we can explain the frequent situation when the person evil-eyed himself? Did he stared precisely at his own eyes in the mirror? Or, how the sleeping baby can be evil-eyed?

It is difficult to agree with the opinion that the “evil eye” is often sent during the conversation, when there are discussed unpleasant issues at top volume and when one of the parties is stronger energetically than the other. The conversation turns to the maximum, the flash of anger appears and then “suddenly” everything calms down and one of the disputants immediately feels himself as if he has been smeared whole inside with shit, while the second suddenly feel inside some emptiness and sudden relaxed fatigue. First just has got the evil eye, and the second had just sent it and thus feels “discharged”. Let’s agree, that it’s very vivid description, but it is likely to concern not the evil eye, but energy vampirism, i.e. purely energy impact. Therefore, will to avoid such conflicts, although being quite logical still will not protect you from the evil eye.


We neither agree with the fact that the “evil eye” means a powerful will to harm any person through non-verbal behaviour, i.e. via eyes, facial expressions, gestures”, otherwise someone will consider that in order to protect himself against the “evil eye” that will be enough to stay away from those who clearly wishes to harm you. In fact, oftentimes the “evil eye” is sent by those who absolutely do not want to cause any harm.

Cases of evil eye. Important tips

Let’s consider closer number of typical evil eye cases.

Case 1. A woman came to her work in a new fur-coat. Of course, this has led to conversations and tattles. You’d rather agree with that there are little people capable of looking at someone else’s expensive thing absolutely without feelings any envy. Thus, her colleagues’ emotions of envy and soreness, etc. imperceptibly came down on her fur-coat owner. How to protect yourself from this, shall we really wear just the old clothes?

Long time ago there has been invented a simple remedy for such unpleasant effects — you shall lay at least a small table and sit around it with friends and colleagues. Loosely speaking, by such actions you share at least something with others. Most interesting is that if even after that someone still suffers from envy, the world will be in smaller or lesser extent block his unconscious influence. The Space’ logic is simple: once you’ve ate and drank at the table, you shall not harm the person who laid this table.

Case 2. Due to the new addition to family the friends have been invited to see the baby. Of course, none of them wishes to harm young the mother or the baby! How could parents not to invite them, when they are permanently calling with congratulations and express interest into seeing the baby. If parents do not invite these friends, they will take offended. Besides, parents really want to boast with their baby. Finally the guests arrive. Everything is going brilliant, the guests are admiring the baby, and the mother shines with happiness. But someone among the guests inwardly begrudged of someone their happiness, shining of mother’s eyes and an adorable child. Of course, he smiled and told right words, but that was not fair, and it’s impossible to deceive the World. And someone has the gift of the evil eye, even without knowing it. He rejoices in all sincerity, but he completely unwittingly performs energy and informational attack…

The guests are gone and the same night the problem with the child begin: it grizzles, does not want to sleep, changes night and day, does not eat… In fact suckling almost are not protected energetically any any impact is dangerous for them. Thus, we give you an advice – do not show your baby to strangers at least until it’s six months. By the way, pregnant women are also very vulnerable, so they need to be very careful. And of course, they should not show off the early months of pregnancy to the whole world. It is better to hear later the rebuke from the very close friend of your ‘why did not you tell me’ than to risk to expose the unborn child to energy strokes.

By the way you shall not neglect the old folk remedy, such as using pins against the evil eye. Of course, we cannot say that they will help against the evil eye of any strength, but still they are able to protect from some of them.

Case 3. A man plans this year to make his dream come true — to spend his holidays at the Canary Islands. Dreamer willingly tells about it to his friends and familiars most of whom for some ten years have been spending their holidays on their own garden beds. Unfortunately, it’s quite probable, that after such stories the teller would rather forget about the Canary Islands. Some obstacles will appear out of nowhere: his boss will not let him go, he will lose his money, there will be no places in the hotel or he won’t get a visa… Therefore, there is a very good advice: don’t tell others about your own plans. Similar situation is when we are talking about some business, project or work. Envious eyes and words may be very dangerous. They can ruin the business and lead to failure. That’s why experienced people never discuss or show the started work until it is completed.

Do not try to “finally decide”, or protective phrases:

This example is of very high importance and thus we shall pay special attention to it. What happened when the person has told to others about his plans for the holiday? Why everything has failed? You can easily name some of the reasons. For example, a failed holiday-man has got a gift of evil eye, and he evil-eyed himself. Or others so very much envy. All this is quite likely. But there is another very important point, which is almost never mentioned: our World very disapprovingly refers to situations where a person explicitly or implicitly finds that he/she can take control over all future events. So, the confident phrase ‘I’m going to summer vacation on the sea’ said at “witnesses’” presence may be perceived by the World as excessive arrogance. Then it will be logical for the World to teach that man can not threat himself as sole controller over his own future. Do you remember the phrase ‘man proposes and God disposes’? So the option where ‘man proposes and man disposes’ would be incorrect. This is an extremely important point, and it should be remembered.

The attentive reader will immediately notice the contradiction between what is said (it turns out, that it is not allowed to think ahead, plan for the future, dream), and positive thinking system that urges to imagine the desired future as often and as detailed as possible. In fact, there is no contradiction here. You just need to add the protective phrase, and the problem will be solved. I.e., the words ‘I am going on sea holidays this summer’ must be followed by the words ‘if the Lord will bless me’ or ‘if the world will support me in this’, or ‘if there will be the will of Allah’, or other similar phrase within the same meaning, that’s more applicable for the person.

Evil eye gift

Case 4. Pretty, friendly and sincerely kind woman notices disturbing strangeness. As only she tells or even thinks something good about herself or other people, they immediately got problems. If she plays with her friend’s baby the same evening he starts whims. If she praises the neighbour’s car it gets into an accident very soon. If she heartily wishes luck for her daughter for the exam, she will get the most obnoxious paper and she’s asked by the most mean teacher. If only she says to her husband ‘take care of your health’, he does immediately get sick. “What’s happen?! I just want all good to everybody! Why it happens so all the time’ — cries the woman in her mind.

And the reason is very simple — she’s got an evil eye gift. There is no doubt that the evil eye gift does exist, since we clearly see it during the session and we will not confuse it with anything else. We use the word “gift” because it is given to a specific person from Above, as it were gifted. It is a different story that this gift is quite unpleasant. But its presence is not a disaster at all. Strong experts are quite capable to remove the evil eye gift. For example, so far in our practice we have not had a case where we would not have coped with this problem. If you suspect that you also have this Gift, you’d better be checked. After all, you surely would not want to pass it to your child, as it often happens.

Of course, the effects of the evil eye, like any other negative impact is very different for different people. Everyone has different Energy, own protective fields, emotional stability, and degree of positive perception of the World. Therefore, one can live the whole life and do not notice anything while for others the evil eye is a major destroyer.

Moreover, evil eye itself may differ from case to case. One can get lots of small, not very dangerous evil eyes, while he can be influenced but only few strong evil eyes. Strong evil eye can seriously spoil your life. It manifests in different ways: you may get health troubles, fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, chronic diseases may get into acute stage, your luck may suddenly disappear, and everything may begin to fall out of your hands… In a word it’s quite unpleasant effect. Sometimes negative effects of a strong evil eye in no way inferior the effects of severe spell.

Here are some real life cases related to evil eye. There not too many examples, since they are not very well rememberable. After all the evil eye is usually not the most unpleasant thing that happens with our customers. Nevertheless, we’ve got quite interesting cases.

Case study. At the session there was a 30-year-old man. He’s got problems on all the fields: his business fails, and he’s recently broken his leg. We began to study and saw that the problems are coming from his souse. Relationships in the family are not going well, once the husband seriously hurt his wife and she had a very strong evil eye gift. It was so strong, that when she said during the subsequent scandal the phrase ‘I wish you break the leg!’ has led to real fracture (what a power!). And the phrase ‘I wish you bad cess’ effectively worked against the man’s business, the more business that this was a very vulnerable — the husband played on the exchange. At the next session we had removed that gift from his wife, and that the couple was very happy.


Case study. A woman complains: ‘My husband and I are trying for several years to conduct their own business. We tried everything. But the money appears and immediately disappears. Over the last 3 years almost arrived at our finger-ends, all we have are debts and courts. And now all of our efforts to improve the situation lead to the opposite. Our loved ones are suffering from this’. At the session we found out that 4 years ago, sister and mother-in-law and “put a spell” on business. They worked in this business as sales-persons, hated this job and constantly uttered something like ‘Damn it! Blast it all!’