Removal of the negative impact

„Correction of fate”

Removal of spell. „ Troublesome heart” (when a person cannot decide in his/her feelings and is suffering thus)

Removal of spell form relations with „sending back” (will bring back to the one who did it)

Removing the evil eye, envy

Energy cleaning (men and women)

Removing negative from the relationship

Removal of spell, evil eye, „celibathy wreath”, „Seal of Solitude”, ancestral curse.

Removal of spell „someone else’s cross”

Removal of spell using photo

Removal of spell — „destruction by witchcraft”

Removal of gypsy spell, curses

Removal of alcoholic, gambling and other habits

Removal of any love spell (white magic, black magic, made at the highest altar magic)

Removal of a love spell on blood, drying, binding

Removal of spell, passing from generation to generation

Removal of spell to death

Removal of spell the “widow’s Cross” or “black widow”


Setting absolute protection

(All the defence has term. From 1 year to a lifetime.)

“Indestructible Wall”

“Mirror dome”

“Energy cocoon” (protection of your energy)

“Angel wings”

“Spellbound protection”

“The magic seal” (blocking the entire wizard’s work)

“Energy Dome”