Pentacles, talismans

Pentacles-talismans are made of special alloys with a magic ritual at a certain time and having great effect! They are made individually on the name of the person for all life.

This magical items, whose task is to protect or increase the strength for the directions necessary to the client.

My pentacles-talismans are unique in nature, as they contain a great power of the 12 strongest masters of magic who will charge the chosen talisman personally for you, for your name and date of birth.

This unique partnership established by me, grants a huge advantage over a single power any weak magician.

By the strength and power these talismans have no analogues in the world!

You can buy a pentacle-talisman charged with energy of 12 strongest masters of magic using special order: LOVE, PROTECTION, SAFETY, GOOD LUCK, HAPPINESS, MONEY.

MONEY one is designed for attracting into your life a lot of money, successful business, as well as unexpected material incomings! Money goes to money!

LOVE one will attract into your life your second half, strengthen and draw the feelings of love, make you the only one desired.

PROTECTION one will protect you from negative energies. Strongest block from the evil eye, spell, curses, envy.

GOOD FORTUNE one is purposed at luck in winnings, profitable acquisitions, career, victory in court cases.

SAFETY one will to protect you from the road accidents, theft of vehicles, attacks on your property, injuries.

HAPPINESS one will make you the darling of fortune, get you rid of depression, restore your energy.

New coming:

SEAL OF SOLOMON. It bestows the power and protection! I recommend it for businessman (or people aspiring to power). It will protect its owner and keep him/her safe.

Three Goddesses. This talisman contains the whole power of beauty, youth and women’s wisdom. All these qualities will make you attractive to men. It is also designed for women willing to become pregnant.

Rune Attraction (amulet). It attracts and draws everything your wish!

The all seeing eye. The eye is a symbol of perception and consciousness of human soul. I recommend it for people having minimum capacity of apprehension to strengthen these capabilities of foresight.

Tree of life. Designed for people with health problems, as well as for protection of the family relations integrity.

The Planetary signs. Collected together all the planetary signs will help you throughout your life, since all the people are carriers of 12 horoscopic signs will always support you and your interests.